Pet Awards: 5 Amazing Pet Stories From Reddit That Will Make You Laugh or Cry

pet awards

Pets are the best, aren’t they? We can always count on them to make us laugh. They keep us company when all we want to do on a Friday night is to cuddle on the couch. Sometimes, they may surprise us with their intelligence. Other times, they may annoy us with their mischievous tricks.

Nonetheless, pets change our lives for the better. Don’t believe it? If you need more convincing, here are five of the most amazing stories from Reddit about pets who deserve awards for their unique abilities.

Smartest Pet Award

smartest pet alive

Dogs and cats are born enemies, but Reddit user shryke12’s pets, Abby and Reinette, are unlikely friends.

When shryke12 was young, his family had to move to a new house. It was far from where he grew up, and it wasn’t easy for him to leave their old neighborhood. But it was even harder for his cat Reinette.

His mom told him that it might take Reinette some time to get used to their new home. She also said that cats usually try to run off to find territory when they are moved to a new place. Because of the stress brought upon by the move, shryke12 was scared that Reinette would disappear while they were unloading the trailers, so he put a cat collar with a long leash around her neck, and then he tied the leash on a chair in the back porch.

He left Abby and Reinette out there while he and his family brought their furniture and boxes inside their new home.

A few minutes later, shryke12’s Australian Shepherd Abby started barking. She never barked unless something seriously wrong was happening. Panicking, he ran back to the back porch where he left Abby and Reinette and there he found Reinette hanging on the chair—the leash choking her neck!

She had run around the chair a couple of times, climbed on it, and then jumped off of it. Reinette was hanging a couple of inches from the ground, and there was Abby, trying to chew through the leash to save poor Reinette!

Of course, shryke12 stepped in and saved Reinette when he saw what happened. After the incident, both Abby and Reinette lived long happy lives.

Dumbest Pet Award

dumbest pet

Cats have nine lives—it’s a generally accepted myth that lots of people believe in. Still, there are cynics who don’t have faith in a cat’s ability to survive pretty much anything. If you’re one of these skeptics, Reddit user Asharet has a story that will change your mind.

When he was a teenager, Asharet had a farm cat. This cat had this habit of climbing up to the roof and sitting on it, probably because he loved bathing in the sun.

However, there was a slight problem with Asharet’s cat. Whenever the cat saw a person walking towards him, he would roll over for a tummy rub. Being on the roof, the poor thing would fall over every time anyone was walking near the house.

Asharet saw his cat roll right off the roof the first three times that it happened. Unfortunately, his furry pet didn’t learn his lesson and would still go up to the roof, sit, and fall over every time he saw a person nearby. Despite this strange behavior, Asharet’s cat lived a long life. This only proves that cats do have nine lives! (In the case of Asharet’s cat, maybe even more than that.)

Most Badass Pet Award

badass cat

I think we’ve found the cat version of Chuck Norris in Reddit user unseenarchives’s pet.

According to unseenarchives, she and her boyfriend once lived in a house that were infested with mice. These mice seemed invincible – nothing could drive them away!

Unseenarchive and her boyfriend tried getting rid of the infestation by setting traps all over the house. They also tried using different kinds of bait, but the mice would simply steal the food, lick the peanut butter, and escape unscathed. They considered adopting a cat to get rid of the problem, but the toughest cat in the world beat them to it.

One night, while unseenarchives and her boyfriend were talking about getting a new feline bodyguard, they heard meowing from the back of their house. She opened the back door, and there she found a little ginger-colored kitten standing outside. Without hesitation, the tiny kitten walked inside their home like it was his territory. Suddenly, and rather serendipitously, unseenarchives and her boyfriend were new cat owners.

The next day, unseenarchives and her boyfriend had already formed an attachment to their new housemate. That’s when they found a gaping wound on the side of the little kitty. They brought her to the vet and were told that the hole was actually a gunshot wound. Though taking care of an injured cat seemed expensive, they still adopted her and named her Zul.

After the vet, unseenarchives, her boyfriend, and their new cat Zul went back home. Upon arrival, Zul immediately spotted a mouse in the house. She had just gotten stitches, but she still spent the entire weekend hunting for these tiny squeakers. Just imagine a wounded cat tirelessly hunting for mice like it was nothing—Zul really was a bad ass kitten.

Douchiest Pet Award

douchiest cat alive

An unnamed user in Reddit posted the most ridiculous story about his cat. He said he rarely has the opportunity to sleep in, yet his cat just wouldn’t let him do it. See, his furry pet takes breakfast way too seriously, and whenever he isn’t awake to give him food, his cat would sit by his bedside and meow like crazy until he got up.

Soon, he got accustomed to the incessant meowing. After all, it was a classic control-my-human cat technique. However, when the cat realized that his owner wasn’t bothered by the sound of his early morning calls anymore, he upped his game by batting his owner with his tiny paws.

Again, this Reddit user got used to this technique eventually. But then, the cat wasn’t willing to lose his breakfast just so his owner could get a couple more hours of sleep. He came up with the most effective technique yet. This wickedly intelligent cat takes a claw and lightly drags it over his owner’s eyelid. Yes. He drags his sharp claw over his owner’s eyelid.

The Reddit user said it doesn’t really hurt, but it sure is the most peculiar feeling he has ever felt in his life. Since this started, he can never sleep in again.

Life-Changing Pet Award

life-changing bird

This last story from Reddit is ultimately heart-warming. User DiamondDusted talked about how he went through a dark episode of depression, and how his pet bird saved him from himself.

It all started when a young DiamondDusted realized that he was depressed. There were a lot of nights when he couldn’t sleep, and so he finally decided to tell his mother about it. After he broke the news, his mother took him to see a doctor, who then prescribed anti-depressant medications.

However, as most cases go, the medications made his depression even worse. DiamondDusted started having suicidal thoughts. One day, after his mother left for work, he decided it was time to end his life. He lay on his bed and wrote a suicide note while he played with his pet bird for the last time.

Apparently, the bird noticed his suffering. While he was in the middle of writing his suicide note, the smart bird took the pen away from him, prompting him to stop writing. He grabbed it back right away, but then the bird would steal it again. Finally, his pet ran to the far end of his bed with the pen, looked at him, and dropped it on the floor. When the bird returned by his side, he looked at DiamondDusted intently. The bird stared at him, like he was looking right through him. Like he was telling him something important.

DiamondDusted realized that his bird probably knew what was about to happen and was almost telling him to stop. That’s when he broke down crying and realized that he couldn’t commit suicide.

His pet bird walked up to him as he cried and licked the tears off of his cheeks. That moment ended up defining DiamondDusted’s life. He realized that no matter how insignificant life might seem, there was always someone out there who wishes for him to stay alive. Now, whenever his depression gets really bad, he thinks about that little bird and how this pet had changed his life.

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